Still Kicking…

I have made it through another year of quilts for Burn Camp. Yea!! We had a total of 14 new campers this year. 7 boys and 7 Girls. Have already started the planning for next year’s camp. It will be their 15th year of having camp for these kids, so it has to be extra special!
I just finished quilting a log cabin quilt for my Nephew, Cub. He has seen the top, without the borders, so I hope he likes it. Will start on the binding tonight.
Just found out today that my girlfirend is the proud Grandma of twin boys. They arrived a little over a month early, but so far so good. They weighed in at 4#12oz and 4# 7oz and are doing good! Have to get their little quilts quilted up. Thought I’d have a littel more time to get these finished up. Oh well, you just have to roll with the punches I guess.
I have to run…I’ve got quilts to quilt! 🙂


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another day in the life

I have been busy getting quilts ready to be quilted for Miracle Burn Camp. Miracle Burn Camp is a summer camp for kids ages 7 to 17 that have suffered burn injuries. These kids have been treated at the University of Iowa Hospitals Burn Unit in Iowa City, IA; Omaha, NE; Sioux City, IA and Sioux Falls, SD. So far, I have something like 16 quilts all ready to be loaded on the quilt frame to be quilted. I finished up making the last of the backings today. I don’t do anything fancy as far as the quilting goes…I’m still learning how to run my new to me longarm!

I delivered all the purses I made to my family over Easter weekend. Everyone loved them! I was a little dissapointed in the purse my sister picked…I had made one with just her in mind, and she picked something totally different. Thought I knew her better than that! 🙂

That’s about all I have for now…later, gators!!

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Where does the time go?

I have been so busy this spring. We cut down 4 big trees in the backyard and have them mostly cleaned up. We split all the big stuff to use for camping and backyard campfires. We still have 3 to come down, but will wait until the ground dries up a little.

I found a new purse pattern that I just adore! It’s called “Mini Bow Tucks”. I have made several for friends and family…still have more in the works. I have a big “family” and when people see these bags, I have more “cousins” than I can count! 🙂purse21

I’m working on a Bow Tucks Tote now. I’ll post a picture when I get it done. It’s going to be a gift for friends that just had a baby boy. I think it will make a great diaper bag.

Later Gators!

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Still just as boring…

I am sitting here thinking I really need to do this a little more often once a year!

I really don’t have anything to say…I’m still sewing and quilting. I’ve tried a little knitting here in the last month. I’m not sure I’m really loving it! I’m so slow at it…I know I will get faster, but just how long does it take? 🙂

I’m heading out for a quilt reatreat in about 18 days. I’m going to be meeting ladies from an online group from all over the US and 1 lady is coming from England. I can’t wait to meet everyone although it feels like we have been friends forever!

I am also sewing quilt tops for our local Hospice group. We have a “quilt -a-thon” coming up the end of the month. There is also sew weekend for my local quilt group the same weekend. I’m trying to get the quilts I promised for the Hospice sew done before then so I can have 2 days to sew for me…we’ll see how that goes. 😉

I am also still sewing quilts for Miracle Burn Camp. We have a local group that has started making quilts once a month for the kids and I quilt and finish them up. I have several quilts that need quilting, but should be able to get them finished up next month. We don’t have camp until July, so I have plenty of time for that.

Well…it’s late…time for me to hit the hay!


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Hello world!

Well, I’m starting a blog. I have always thought I have been to “boring” to have a blog, let alone write in it on a regular basis.

I enjoy reading other people’s blogs and have several that I read regularly.

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These are my Burn Camp Quilts. I make quilts every year for kids ages 7 to 17 that attend Burn Camp at Lake Okoboji. It is something that I enjoy more than words can really describe. My husband and I have met a lot of these kids during camp and enjoy seeing the changes in them from year to year. The first time I went to camp, there were a lot of “take my breath away” moments when I met these kids for the first time. In a very short time, I didn’t see scars and burn injuried, just sparkling smiles and bright eyes! They are some of the bravest kids I have ever met.

Well, I’m going to close for now…Let’s see where this takes me!


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